Dr Rob Brookings, family and staff provide premier dental services maintaining a friendly caring environment, and continuing a tradition of care and dental services that began with Dr John Brookings and family many decades ago. I'm a grateful recipient of the Brookings family multigenerational care and expect the tradition would continue far into the future when Robbie Brookings completes his training and experiences at Tufts Medical and joins the practice. I highly recommend this dental practice for you and your family. J.J.

While no one enjoys to have fillings redone, Dr. Brookings makes the entire experience so comfortable and painless. He works efficiently and productively while talking to you about what he is doing so you never have to wonder. I have always hated the dentist, yet I love Dr. Brookings! K.B.

I've had 4 dentists in 20 years. Dr. Brookings is far and away the best for many reasons: friendliness of his staff and him, professionalism, care (after placing two crowns he called me up - personally - on a Friday night to see how I was feeling), expedient treatment and more. All dentists could learn by emulating him. His dignity and sincerity are true character traits of a good person. C.H.

As it should be for everyone, my teeth and gums are important to me. Both are indicators of my overall health. All information is shared with me. All questions are answered. I am a participating member of the group experience while I am there. Thank you! D.H.

I didn't realize how uncomfortable I was until my dental plan was complete. My teeth and smile feel so healthy. I am quite happy with the thorough plan and attention to detail. It is hard to believe that Novocain shots can be painless. In this office they were. T.M.

Great Place for Your Dental Care.  The staff is most courteous and friendly. The techniques used for a routine cleaning help to make for a relaxed visit. I’ve been most pleased for the 40-plus years I’ve been a patient and hope to be seen someday by a 3rd generation Brookings!  J.P.

Painless - in all respects.  I've been using Dr. Brookings for many years now and, without exception, every experience has been professional and courteous. No detail seems too small for this office - from cleanliness to friendliness. And, you can be sure they will fully explain precisely what to expect from any and all procedures both before and during.  T.L.

Another wonderful visit!  Thank you to Lori, Barb, Dr. Rob & the whole staff for making going to the Dentist something my children look forward to! I don't know many people that can say that. Lori takes such good care of our whole family, & the whole office is the friendliest bunch of people. Thank you!  K.J.

My husband and I have been a patient here for over 40 years (my daughter also as she was growing up). We started out with Dr. John and his son Dr. Rob took over when Dr. John retired from the practice.  We have never been less than completely satisfied with the care. It is a very efficient and friendly office. The staff, especially the hygienists Lori and Nancy are wonderful to spend time with and make the cleaning a pleasure. Even having x-rays which is not my favorite thing was not too bad. Dr. Rob's care has been exceptional. I had an emergency with my gums and was able to get in quickly so he could evaluate the problem.  I have had a couple of crowns at different times. This was done in an afternoon. Never had to leave the office and go back. Truly a first class office!   J.M.

What Patients are saying about our CEREC One-Visit Crowns

The best I have seen!
Went in for a cleaning had two crowns that needed to be done and was seen the same day. I am only home 30 days a year and this saved me ALOT of time for my family. Thanks!

Attention to detail, professional, caring.
Excellent cosmetic skills, repaired broken tooth, looks exactly like my old tooth. Most recently had crown made for molar, in and out in 2 hours, no pain, no fuss, crown looks and feels great. This office runs on-time, staff friendly & very professional.

Comments about our wonderful staff:

"Bangor's best dental office"

All the staff at Brookings dental office are very professional, yet caring and friendly.   M.P.

We have been patients of this office since my daughters were born (now 18 and 15). I always had a fear of "the dentist" - not so for my girls. Dr. Rob and his staff are wonderful and my girls have never felt afraid of the dentist. I would like to share how amazing Rob is. My daughter had her front tooth knocked out from a field hockey ball at practice. (She was not wearing a mouthguard). It was 7PM, after office hours. I called Rob at home and he met me and put Casey's tooth back in. He was calm and very optimistic. She healed wonderfully and he gave her a root canal a month later. I wish it ended there but a year later she took a field hockey ball and stick to the mouth again, this time displacing 8 teeth and breaking the front ones off and a fractured jaw bone. We were in Portland at the emergency room. We let them make her comfortable but wanted to get her back to Rob. It was Sunday at 5PM. I called Rob at home and he said "Bring her back. Let's see what we can do." I knew she would be in good hands. That's when I started to cry. I had done my job and when I turned her over to Rob I knew I had gotten her the best chance of saving her smile. We trust Rob and that is so important. Thank you Dr. Brookings and Staff.

Everyone is not only professional but make you feel like you're at home and comfortable. This means a lot when someone may be a little nervous. I enjoy the visits to your office.

What is not to like? The atmosphere is relaxing - the beautiful decor and paintings on the wall make for a comfortable and relaxing waiting area. I have never had to wait for any length of time before being seen by Dr. Rob. The staff is beyond friendly, very helpful in all matters, courteous, professional, and knowledgeable in their particular duties. Dr. Rob is very kind and that kindness is demonstrated when he is working on a patient. He is meticulous in his work and offers understandable explanations when asked questions. I have never felt pressured about having any dental work done. I am extremely happy that after so many, many, MANY years, my dental needs are being addressed and cared for once again by another Dr. Brookings. You guys rock!
DQ :)

I feel as though the staff does an outstanding job from beginning to end. They take excellent care of me each and every time I visit. I also like that they are embracing new technology to keep up with the times. Thank you for all you do!!

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